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Beauty is not a one-size-fits-all concept. It's a courageous, vulnerable, and uniquely personal journey, and my mission is to help you radiate that fierce, confident, and beautiful version of YOU that exists within.

Because who says you can’t support loved ones, go out for drinks with the girlfriends, have time for the gym, and still look cute doing it? Let’s give you the hair you’ve always wanted and the confidence you’ve always deserved.

My Philosophy

Where Beauty Knows
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Designed to blend seamlessly with your natural hair, creating a natural and authentic look, NBR hair extensions are strategically placed to mimic the way hair naturally grows, making them less noticeable but equally striking in appearance. They’re full. They’re lush. They’re everything you want.

Beautiful & Natural Look

NBR extensions are installed using a beaded row method that does not involve glue, heat, or chemicals. This minimizes the risk of damage to your natural hair as there is no adhesive residue or heat damage. After each new install, we’ll send you home with an at-home maintenance care kit to keep that hair happy and healthy.

Minimal Hair Damage

The beaded row method used in NBR extensions is known for being comfortable to wear as the extensions are securely attached without causing discomfort or tension on the scalp. Did we mention they’re also super lightweight?

Comfortable to Wear

No time to curl your hair every morning? No problem. NBR extensions typically have the ability to hold styles for up to one week, which makes it easy to maintain depending on the style you’re going for. They can also be brushed, styled, and washed just like your natural hair, making them convenient for daily care.

Fast & Easy Morning Maintenance

Have you ever wanted to style your hair a certain way but didn’t have the hair type for it? With NBR extensions, you can experiment with various hairstyles, including updos and braids. The extensions add volume and length to your hair, providing more styling options. It’s also a great way to add color without coloring your natural hair.

Styling Versatility

When properly cared for, NBR extensions are known for their durability and longevity. While maintenance is required to keep them looking fresh, the intervals between maintenance appointments typically range between 6-10 weeks.

Long-Lasting life

When properly cared for, NBR extensions are known for their durability and longevity. While maintenance is required to keep them looking fresh, the intervals between maintenance appointments typically range between 6-10 weeks.

Effortless Customization 

Our favorite thing about NBR extensions: Watching you leave the salon feeling beautiful and confident. 

Improved Self-Esteem & Confidence Boost

Elevate Your Hairstyle Game Effortlessly with NBR Extensions

Why Choose NBR?

Hand-Tied NBR Hair Extensions for
Effortless Volume and Thickness 

New Install Packages

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Not sure which option is best for you? Not a problem – we’ll make sure you get the best possible solution for your hair during your free phone consultation.

We offer three different lengths for new installs including 18-inch, 22-inch, and 24-inch. Within each package, you have the choice between 1 row, 2 rows, or 3 rows.

1 Row – Perfect for those in search of fullness
2 Rows – Most Popular – Ideal for those wanting both length and fullness
3 Rows – Maximum transformation and is ideal for a client with shorter hair and thicker layers that need blending

starting at $1600

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  • Phone consultation
  • 100% human remy hair extensions by Isla Hair
  • Custom coloring of the extensions along with color for your natural hair
  • Cut
  • Style
  • Blow-dry
  • Breakfast or lunch depending on the time of your appointment
  • Goody bag filled with all of our recommended at-home hair care products
  • Fun little photoshoot to celebrate your new hair

Each package includes:

client transformations

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I’ll never let you leave the chair with a head of hair that you’re not totally in love with and that’s a promise. So, if you’re ready for the hair of your dreams, no matter how full or luscious, let’s make it happen – because here, beauty has no boundaries and anything is possible.

Spinning my client around in the chair, and witnessing their initial reaction as their insecurities transform into confidence in a matter of seconds, is truly priceless.

I’m often referred to as a hairapist (hair therapist), not only in the sense that I do my absolute best to take care of your hair, but I also care about each and every one of you and the reason that brought you to me in the first place.

I understand we all have insecurities and a lot of those insecurities are directly related to how our hair makes us feel. For me, extensions have always been my security blanket. And when I discovered NBR, my entire life changed. Not only do they fulfill every self-conscious thought I’ve ever had about my natural hair, but I was finally able to find a solution that worked for me and my hair type.

Hair Stylist, Extension Specialist,
and Founder of Aliyah Elise Artistry

Hey, I’m Aliyah

Shar | 2 full rows of NBR

I had short, choppy, thin hair and to be able to have this long luscious look, walk out the door, get compliments daily, it just makes me feel pretty. I cut all my hair off, so it was super thin and stringy, and I came upon Aliyah’s Instagram page, and all the girls on her page had this long beautiful hair and I wanted it, so I messaged her. She got back to me the same day, we set up an appointment and I’ve never looked back. Here I am 2 and a half years later with 2 under 2 and I could still maintain this beautiful hair.

“NBR makes me feel happy.
It makes me feel confident –
it makes me feel like I can rule the world.”

Alex | Full blonding with a root smudge & 3 full rows of 22” NBR

I grew my hair out for 10 years and decided to hack it off one December, and hated it. So, I decided to invest in NBR – took a chance – and absolutely loved it.

“NBR is like having the best secret accessory. It makes me feel very confident, sexy, and good about myself.”

Mackenzie | Bronding & 2 full rows of NBR

It just makes me feel good about myself, I don’t have to think about it. I just feel like I have full luscious hair. The extensions gave me the hair that I’ve always wanted. I’ve never been able to grow my hair. Seeing the NBR process and seeing the NBR in the head, really stood out to me, and that made me want to invest in it.

“NBR makes me feel confident in myself even when I’m struggling to put myself together.”

Skye | Balayage with 2 full rows of NBR

A hairstylist/hairdresser to me is a long-term commitment – especially when you find someone as amazing as Aliyah. Aliyah was with me for my wedding as my hairstylist as well as my makeup artist, so my relationship to her means a lot more to me than just a professional relationship. She is always there to listen to me vent at appointments. I have hand-tied extensions, am very blonde, and I never feel as though she does anything to risk my hair's strength.

“I have never been so confident in myself and in my hair than I have been with Aliyah as my hairstylist.”

Client Experiences



Be sure to submit your application with before photos of your hair as well as inspiration photos.

1. Fill out the application

After reviewing your application, we’ll hop on a phone consultation where we’ll discuss all things options and pricing.

2. Schedule a phone consultation

Once you’ve made a decision that works for you, you’ll send me a $700 non-refundable deposit, which will be put towards your total investment as well as the sourcing of the extensions themselves prior to your appointment.

3. Send your non-refundable deposit

Show up for your appointment, enjoy a meal on us, sit back, and get ready for a true transformation!

4. Book your appointment

After your appointment, we’ll send you home with your own hair care maintenance kit. We’ll also schedule your follow-up visit to make sure your hair is in good hands.

5. Show off your new hair

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Depending on the extension package that best fits your needs, new install packages range anywhere from $1600 to $4000 with each including the extensions themselves, color for the extensions as well as for your natural hair, cut, style, and blow-dry, breakfast or lunch depending on the time of your appointment, and a goody bag that sets you up for success for your at-home hair care routine.

Move-up prices range from $200 to $600. We also offer a la carte coloring options, row rebuilds, root touch-ups, or tone.

Schedule your free phone consultation where we’ll assess your needs and provide the best solution for you.

What’s the total investment of NBR extensions and what’s included in the pricing?

New installs can take anywhere from 1 hour to 4 hours depending on the look we’re going for. But don’t worry, we’ll keep you well-fed during your appointment with a complimentary meal – we’ll provide you with a menu ahead of time so that we can make sure your belly is fully satisfied.

2. How long does it take to install NBR extensions? 

After the initial install, we’d recommend you schedule your move up (maintenance) appointment between 6-10 weeks to keep your extensions as fresh and beautiful as possible. 

3. How often do I need to book a hair maintenance appointment after the initial install? 

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