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Do you remember that one girl in your life who always seemed to be glammed up no matter the time or place? That was me. The girl who would spend hours making myself all pretty so that I could feel confident to conquer the day ahead of me.

And here I am now, ready and excited to give all you wonderful ladies out there the opportunity – and permission – to express your most luxurious selves with the hair of your dreams. Because how you feel about yourself changes the way you experience the world around you, and the world is beautiful as long as you feel beautiful too.

Here to help you embody the most confident version of yourself 

the Hair Connoisseur Behind Aliyah Elise Artistry





“I started going to Aliyah
because I knew what extension
method I wanted – I knew I wanted NBR.”


“Every time I go and tell her
exactly what I want, she just
nails it perfectly.”



Jade | 1 full row of 24” NBR

Skye | Balayage with 2 full rows of NBR


Skye | Balayage with 2 full rows of NBR

I was referred by a friend to Aliyah because I had tape-in extensions at the time and they were awful – done by a different stylist. Aliyah completely fixed my hair for me. She started doing hand-tied extensions and then NBR, and I will never leave her. You get what you pay for with the quality hair and the color. Every time I go and tell her exactly what I want, she just nails it perfectly. 

“Every time I go and tell her exactly what I want, she just nails it perfectly.”


Jade | 1 full row of 24” NBR

NBR makes me feel so good. I have really thin hair so it’s not necessarily the length that I’m going for but I want the volume. She went and invested in herself and got the knowledge of how to be the best, do the best, and I work really hard so I wanted to invest in myself, so that’s why I started going to Aliyah and I love it.

“I started going to Aliyah because I knew what extension method I wanted – I knew I wanted NBR.”

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It’s about making you feel whole again.

It’s about taking care of yourself in a way that makes you feel good.
It’s about honoring the integrity of your natural hair and doing everything you can to keep it healthy.

– it’s about
yourself fully

It’s not about
the gorgeous
strands of hair

Self-expression is a fundamental aspect of human identity. With NBR hair extensions, you’re able to creatively and freely experiment with various hair colors, lengths, and styles. If one day, you want to be a fiery redhead, amazing, we’ll make that happen. We absolutely love seeing our clients take control of their own uniqueness while expressing who they are.


It’s important to us that we prioritize the health and integrity of your scalp and natural hair throughout the entire process. We provide all clients with a detailed at-home hair maintenance kit to ensure your hair and scalp are well taken care of all day, every day. We also recognize that your time is valuable, which is why NBR is the perfect solution for you. With fast and easy morning hair routines, you’re able to dedicate less time tending to your hair and spend more time doing the things you love, with those you love.


With the beauty industry constantly evolving, our number one priority is to provide all clients with excellent quality hair services. As the founder, I’m constantly pursuing further education so that I can best serve you. I’m a licensed and certified NBR stylist, aligned extension stylist, as well as a hair shop (k-tip technique) stylist. I also hold certifications in tape-in extensions and have undergone extensive training in various hair color techniques, staying updated with the latest trends. With me, anything is possible.

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